Agile Methodology

When I started the 8-Week ago to writing a blog Challenge, I had no idea what the response might be. I was amazed when about around 150 people see this everyday.It seems that there is a quiet revolution in progress.

So Today i will write short article on Agile Methodology in software testing.

Agile is an iterative development methodology, where requirements evolve through collaboration between the customer and organization team.

Agile is a one type of software development life cycle like waterfall model,v-model,iterative model but it is different from them because in the agile, each project is broken up into several ‘Iterations’.All Iterations should be of the same time duration (between 2 to 8 weeks).At the end of each iteration, a working product should be delivered.

Traditional SDLC model like waterfall model spending 1.5 months on requirements gathering where in Agile development, the team will find the basic core features that are required in the product and decide which of these features can be developed in the first iteration and like wise remaining all feature are developed in next iteration based on priority.So in terms of advance planning,In Non-Agile models the planning should be complete before the development starts. where minimal planning required in Agile methodology.

Agile method is used when requirements are not very clear and change as per the customer requirement.

Nowadays Scrum,Feature Driven Development and Extreme Programming(KP) is well known technique in agile method/


  • working model is ready with first iteration.
  • daily interactions between the business people and the developers.
  • even requirement is not very clear,project should be started.
  • Less documentation is required in Agile.
  • Regular feedback from customers.

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